Marc-Philippe Huget, Research on Multiagent System Design and Development

Introduction | Research challenges | Metamodelling | Domain-Specific Languages | Tools | Metamodel repository
Introduction | Research challenges | State of the art | YOSEMITE
Introduction | Research challenges | State of the art | JMS-based Middleware | P2P-based Middleware
Introduction | Research challenges | Interaction diagram | Agent diagram | Current work
Introduction | Getting started | Some examples | Associated tools
Introduction | Manufacturing | Timetable scheduling | ULSSIS


The following lectures/practicals and labs are given at Polytech'Savoie:

IGI 501 Base de l'informatique

IGI 742 Mathématiques et algorithmique formelle

IGI 744 Ingénierie des besoins et des processus

IGI 941 Middleware

IGI 942 Ingénierie des interfaces homme-machine

IGI 943 Spécification formelle et vérification

IGI 945 Ingénierie dirigée par les modèles

The following lectures/practicals/labs are given at IMUS:

Introduction aux technologies Web (M1)

Technologies logicielles pour les systèmes d'information (M2)



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