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Ongoing projects

Web Intelligence (Région Rhône-Alpes funded project, 2006-2008)

This project is about joining academic research in Région Rhône-Alpes around the theme of Web Intelligence. I am responsible of a cooperative action on the dynamic composition of Web services with multiagent systems (partners: EMSE G2I, LCIS and LIG/MAGMA).

Completed projects

BQR/APS (University funded project 2005-2006)

This project was about testing the interest of using multiagent systems in the context of manufacturing system control. This project was as well the illustrative example of Azaiez's Ph.D. thesis, and particularly on the mapping between domain concepts and multiagent concepts.

Selma Azaiez, Georges Habchi, Marc-Philippe Huget, Magali Pralus and Jihene Tounsi. Multiagent oriented modeling and simulation for manufacturing systems control. In Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics INDIN 2007, Vienna, Austria, July 2007.

RIAM Virtual Actors (French funded project 2003-2004)

This project associated with the RIAM Virtual Actors concentrates on multiagent planning and the impact of agents in game videos. I was involved in managing internally this project.

RNTL PARI (French funded project 2003-2005)

This project associated with the RNTL PARI was about providing a set of components for the development of innovative game video development studio. Among these components, there were emotional characters, and communication. I was involved in managing internally the project and studying multi-party communication.

Marc-Philippe Huget and Yves Demazeau, “First steps towards multi-party communication”, 3rd International Workshop on Agent Communication Language AC’04, New York, USA, July 2004., Van Eijk, Huget et Dignum, eds, LNCS 3396, pages 65-75, Springer Verlag, 2005.

MABLE (UK EPSRC funded project 2001-2004)

This project initiated by Michael Wooldridge and Michael Fisher was about proposing a language and a tool for the validation of BDI agents. MABLE is on top of SPIN/PROMELA, and automatic transformation is realized from the MABLE language to PROMELA. I was responsible for the extension of MABLE and the transformation to PROMELA.

Michael Wooldridge, Michael Fischer, Marc-Philippe Huget and Simon Parsons. Model-Checking Multiagent Systems: The MABLE Language and Its Applications. In International Journal of AI Tools. Vol 15, number 2, pp 195--226, April 2006.

SLIE (European Union funded project)

The overall purpose of this project is to contribute to the development of robust methodologies for the design, deployment and maintenance of successful and effective infohabitants. My involvment was part of the Post-doctoral position at the University of Liverpool and particularly on the definition of communication protocol with MABLE and the validation of these protocols.

Marc-Philippe Huget, Marc Esteva, Steve Phelps, Carles Sierra and Michael Wooldridge. Model Checking Electronic Institutions. In Proceedings of Model Checking and Artificial Intelligence (MoChArt). Lyon, France. July 2002.

Baghera (University funded project)

This project proposed to develop user assistants (agents) in the context of teleteaching. My involvment during my Ph.D. thesis was to ease communication between agents via the interaction module, I proposed in my thesis.

Marc-Philippe Huget, Jean-Luc Koning and Loris Bergia. Une plate-forme pour l'ingénierie des protocoles et son application au projet de télé-enseignement Baghera, Systèmes multi-agents : méthodologie, technologie et expérience, 8emes Journées Francophones Intelligence Artificielle Distribuée et Systèmes Multi-Agents, JFIADSMA'00, S. Pesty and Claudette Sayettat-Fau (eds.), October 2000, pp297-301.

AGENT (European Union funded project, EU-ESPRIT 1997-2000)

This project had for objectives to use recursive multiagent systems for the automatic transformation of geographic data to maps at a particular scale and with the relevant information. My involvment during my pre-doctoral internship was on studying with Carmen Mezura the impact of using recursive and hierarchical multiagent systems for the automatic generation of maps.

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