Marc-Philippe Huget, Research on Multiagent System Design and Development

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Agents and by extension MultiAgent Systems are efficient software artifacts for systems where dynamicity and reaction to environment evolution are at stake. Agents as autonomous, reactive, sociable and interactive pieces of software are frequently used in industries (supply chain management, logistics), business (meeting scheduling, time scheduling, electronic commerce) and everyday life (ye olde shopbots).

This site is my personal tribute to the world of Multiagent Systems. Readers will find my research done as part of my position of Associate Professor at Polytech'Savoie. I am particularly interested in developing multiagent systems, that is metamodelling and modelling agent theory, agent platforms and how to program agents and agent theory.

"L'esprit qui invente est toujours mécontent de ses progrès parce qu'il voit au-delà". Jean Le Rond d'Alembert


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